Edited by Renata Matkevičienė and Andris Petersons

New Media and New Public Governance. The Strategic Communication Approach

Different aspects in the field of communication studies are exposed in this book. Communication is studied as a process, as a model and an instrument for overcoming barriers, building satisfaction, mutual understanding, consensus and trust. The tradition of analysis of communication activities in the public sector is related with the linear understanding of communication (mainly, with information) processes. A modern approach to communication includes a dialogical approach and comfort for both online and face-to-face communication. This book aims to highlight the relevant participants of management and administration in the public sector by emphasizing the communicative aspect. The book is constructed on the metatheoretical approach that communication is the basis for every activity and interaction on various levels: between individuals, groups, organizations and states. The communicative activities are understood as the key components of processes that occur in public governance and create the system of interactions among those participants.

The book is based on the concept of strategic communication and its increasing importance in the processes of new public governance. The strategic communication approach applied in the construction of the chapters and the entire frame of the book stresses the main aspects of effective communication that could be applied by the participants of public governance in order to reach mutual understanding and their goals.

Dailininkė Silva Jankauskaitė


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